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I just want a perfect world

I have been missing her face. (And I still adore the falling star, and indeed every symbol/theme used on this show.)

Happy in love Gong Chan is a sight to see.

Squash, sexiness, and punching!


SO ADORABLE. Secretary Yoon keeps getting pushed back in the elevator... into her dorky suitor, who is all OMG!! and she can't help but smile the sweetest smile.

Happy birthday, Yoo Rin! (aka the last glimpse of happy we see for a long time)

"Oh look, the snowglobe that symbolizes my happiness within this controlled environment!"


*dramatic swoop to Yoo Rin's horrified face*

And of course she nicks her finger on the broken dreams glass and Gong Chan tends to it, thereby making me extremely happy and horribly sad all at once.

Gong Chan has a score to settle! He clumsily insists on Yoo Rin putting her head on his shoulder, to make up for that one time at the movies when she fell asleep on Jeong Woo. She's all, ???, and keeps trying to sit up.



Fuck, Yoo Rin putting on a positive face for Gong Chan while her heart is shattering on the inside. SOB.

Gong Chan thinks they're going to see each other very soon. Yoo Rin knows better.

Watching her face crumble is tragic.

Gong Chan finds out everyone knows and Yoo Rin is about to disappear!

Will he get there in time to find her?



Two years later!

Gong Chan is sexy in glasses while Jeong Woo has settled down with a job, working for with Secretary Yoon. (!!!)

Yoo Rin is still very close to the surface of their minds. Happy birthday, Ju Yoo Rin!

And there she is! Gong Chan drives right past her as she's giving a tour in the snow. Luckily, this is episode fourteen and not sixteen, so I don't have to mail broken snowglobes to Korea in protest.
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