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Drama finishing challenge!

Hi, old friends! If you are a person who still likes dramas, and you want to participate in a drama finishing challenge, Top and I are starting up another one!

This will be our third drama finishing challenge. We're hosting it on dreamwidth here, and all are welcome! You can participate to whatever degree you wish or even simply lurk and absorb drama love.

It is very informal and it might be just us, but I hope that if it interests you, you'll take a look. ♥
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DFC 2014 END

Year two of our drama finishing challenge is now over! Welcome to March and the resumption of your general inclination watching. :D

1. download the soundtrack to relive everything!
2. squee or complain about the show to a tolerant friend!
3. google it and find picspams of it on lj!
4. spend a while wallowing in the tag on tumblr!
5. OTHER (please elaborate in comments!!)

1. How many episodes did you end up watching total?
2. Are there any dramas you've yet to finish that you suspect might be attempted during this challenge next year?
3. If another country (of your choice) did a remake of a drama you watched, who would they cast and what would it be like?
4. If you could add one episode to the end every drama you watched, what would you put in that episode just for yourself? (SELFISHNESS ENCOURAGED.)
5. If we did monthly open threads here for drama motivation, tallying, and/or discussion, would you be interested?

Last, great job everyone! If you feel like it, please put your results in the comments so everyone can see what a winner you are, whether you met your goal or not. The goal was a number to aim for, but if you watched even one episode during the challenge that you wouldn't have watched otherwise, you accomplished something. ♥
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Check In: end of Week Six!

Hey drama finishing challengers! Can you believe it? We're already to our last check-in post~ Since we've pretty well covered our challenge watching, I thought I'd make my questions this time a little more open. :)

1. Anyone want to name a drama they're striving finish or number of episodes they are hoping to still watch before the challenge ends on Saturday? :D
2. Is there any drama you were hoping to get finished in this challenge that you don't think you're going to have time for?
3. Name a favorite secondary character and/or a favorite minor character from the dramas you've watched from this challenge! (Secondary being anyone not the male or female lead and minor being anyone listed below the top four, at least let's think of it like that this time.)
4. Name an actor or two who you'll watch a drama just to see!
5. The current drama season is winding down, do you already have any dramas you're looking forward to this spring?
Upcoming kdrama info available: HERE and HERE
Upcoming jdrama info available: HERE

A reminder: the challenge ends SATURDAY (March 1st) so you have a few more days to make a final push! You can do it! ♥
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checking in post by proxy!

Hey guys! Due to an oversight on my part, quaggy_mire couldn't post this tonight, so I am here to post it in their place! After the period of this sentence, this post is all theirs. :D (Okay, fine, after the emoticon. OKAY, FINE, AFTER THE CLOSING PARENTHESIS OF THIS PARENTHETICAL.)

We are getting closer and closer to the end of our challenge. How are you all doing so far? Are you happy with how far you've come? Feel like you need to put in some serious time before March 1st arrives? Personally, I think I'm going to miss these drama discussions the most when all of this is over.

Some questions to get the conversation going:

1. How many episodes have you watched this week?
2. What's been your favorite episode or drama so far? (Don't forget to put your spoilers behind a cut!)
3. Are you struggling with anything? Can we help?
4. Do you have a plan for how you are going to spend your last 10 days of the challenge?
5. What has surprised you the most during this challenge?
6. And for more general conversation topics... Do you rewatch dramas? If you do, do you rewatch the entire series or just favorite scenes? Do you rewatch because your memory is hazy or because you love the series so much you can repeat every line of dialog?

Happy drama watching!!

Check-in: End of Week Four!

Hi everyone! There are two and a half weeks left in the challenge. Do you have a plan for reaching your goal? I have been enjoying dramas as usual, but the best part of this challenge for me has been discussing drama things with all of you! Feel free to share your experiences with this challenge, thoughts on dramas, or any other ramblings here. You can answer any or all (or none!) of the following questions to get you started.

1. How many episodes have you watched this week?
2. How do you plan to tackle your remaining episodes to reach your goal?
3. Do you need any assistance, input, suggestions, or other help from your fellow watchers?
4. Have you learned anything about drama-watching from this challenge?
5. Do you have a favorite character and/or scene in a drama you have watched for this challenge?
6. Have the Olympics been taking up your drama-watching time?
7. What are your drama wants? The drama you want a sequel to, the drama you wish was subbed, the drama you really want to watch but can’t find anywhere . . .

Just make sure any spoilers are under a cut!
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Check-in: End of Week Three!

Hi, drama watchers! We're at the end of week three, which means we're officially halfway through this drama finishing challenge! How are we all doing? Right on target? Better than expected? Not even close? All great as long as we're enjoying ourselves! As usual, feel free to share your thoughts on what you've watched so far (with spoilers nestled firmly behind a spoiler cut -- <lj-spoiler>SPOILERS?!</lj-spoiler>), or consider as few or as many as you'd like of the following questions to get you started:

1. How many episodes have you watched this week?
2. What's your favorite episode or drama so far?
3. Do you need any help or encouragement with any aspects of this challenge? (That's what we're here for!)
4. Are there any tricks or techniques you've picked up since the challenge started that have helped you where you were struggling before?
5. Are there any new (to you) dramas that you've felt the urge to start watching since this challenge began?
6. Have you ever watched a drama for one reason and fallen in love with it for a completely different reason?
7. If you could recommend any drama to someone who's never watched any before, what would it be?

As always, no pressure, yes drama love!
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Check In: end of Week Two!

Hey, fellow drama watchers! I hope you've had a good week that involved a bit of drama-watching at least! :D As with last week, feel free to share any thoughts about your specific watching so long as you use a spoiler cut for any potentially spoilery information! We're here for anything you want to share, come on in~

To get us rolling, a few questions:

1. How many episodes have you watched this week?
2. What's your favorite of the dramas you've watched so far for this challenge?
3. Is there any other watching that has distracted you away from dramas?
4. Do you have a show that you think more people should try that you want to rec?
5. Do you need any help picking what to watch next or what to focus on? Let your fellow commenters know and maybe chime in. :D
6. How DO you pick your dramas usually? Do you choose most often based on plot summaries or what other people seem to be excited about or by following a favorite actor?

Again, please skip any that add any sort of pressure to your mind! ♥ Happy drama watching~
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Checking in: end of week one!

Hey, everyone! I hope you're having fun with the drama finishing challenge. We've watched a bunch of episodes! We've finished a few dramas! We are doing good for our first week, and that's even before we check in with people who've been squirreled away watching dramas on their own. :D

In this post we'd like to hear anything you want to say! Anything with spoilers should be under spoiler text, of course, but otherwise anything goes.

Some ideas!

1. How many episodes have you watched?
2. What was your favorite of those episodes?
3. Do you have plans for what (other) dramas you're going to tackle in this challenge?
4. If you're feeling indecisive, would you like help choosing? :D I had Top do this for me, and it was fun.
5. What are you struggling with in this challenge?
6. Have you suddenly been hit by the desire to start a million new dramas? No? Just me?
7. What kinds of dramas are your favorite? (It could be as vague as country of origin, or as specific as a whole list of characteristics and/or actors.)

Please don't answer a single one of these questions if it stresses you out. :D This check-in is anti-stress! Pro-encouragement! PRO-DRAMAS!!

In conclusion: ♥dramas♥!
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DFC 2014 GO

IT BEGINS. Any drama episodes you finish from this moment to closing count for our drama finishing challenge!


1. Our watching period ends on March 1st. After that, we'll tally up what we all managed to watch and put together a celebratory post about it! WOO!
2. Check the comments below for your thread! We're setting up a general ticker of Dramas Finished for everyone, which you can then update by clicking on the ticker and entering in your password/pin. The password for everyone will just be set as your username. You can also alter the style in any way you wish!
3. Feel free to request a separate ticker for any and all of your specific shows! If it's more useful to have tickers to track the episodes you finish within a drama, it would be no problem to add another comment to your thread with a more specific ticker. (If you'd rather add more yourself, go for it! :D)
4. You can update your thread with anything you want! Progress on your watching, changes in your goals, specific thoughts about the drama you finished, or whatever you like. If you're going to add your thoughts on a drama, though, make sure you use lj's spoiler cuts because those also work in comments. Don't forget to specify what episodes you're on!
Like so:

5. If you agreed to make one of the weekly check-in posts, please let us know now if there is a specific week that doesn't work for you. ♥
6. This year, you are welcome to make posts to the community about a drama or dramas you're watching! (ETA: you have to be a member, apparently, and posts are moderated but will 99% for sure be approved.) If it's more than a paragraph or has caps, you have the choice to make it as a post instead of putting it in your thread. Please make sure to use lj-cuts and label what drama(s) you'll be discussing inside, including which episodes in case other people are also in progress. :D One non-spoilery cap outside the cut is fine, too! I'll be making tags for each of you, plus tags for whatever dramas you post about. Additionally, you are welcome to put everything in your thread if that's what you want. Your thread is your space. ♥

If you haven't signed up and want to play along too, please make your way over to this post and sign up there! You're free to sign up at any time.

We'll have another post next week to check in with everyone and see what progress we've made. Until then, see you in the comments and happy watching! ♥