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Drama finishing challenge 2014!

It's that time again, the time when we've realized just how many dramas we've started but not finished in the past year (... and in years before that). And so it's back, a Drama Finishing Challenge! Things are going to work largely the same as last year, but there are a few changes.


Each of us will be setting a goal (to finish X number of dramas) and we're giving ourselves the next six weeks to complete them.

Comment on this post if you want to join in! We'll make a post next week to kick off the project, with threads for each person and tickers to keep track of progress made. We'll make the tickers but you're in charge of updating them, plus you can customize them as much as you like! Last year some of us had a lot of fun making tickers for each show we were watching. :D You can also come to your thread to share any updates, like YES, VICTORY, I HAVE COMPLETED HEIRS, or DONG YI MAY JUST KILL ME WITH FEELS or whatever more or less eloquent commentary you might have too.

We're adding two new ways to participate this year! First, we're going to put up weekly discussion posts where you can check in and post any updates at all about your watching that week. We'll also be taking volunteers to "host" a week and put up the discussion post. Val will do the first week, and I'll do the second, so not only will you have examples before you do it, let us reassure you that they are as low-pressure as things come. Second, we're inviting anyone participating to make a post to the community if they have a show they want to talk about further or picspam from. Obviously none of this is required to participate but maybe we can gain a little motivation to pick up something of our own by seeing what everyone else may have watched that week, plus it's fun. :D

The challenge will look like this:

THIS POST: comment with how many dramas you want to finish in six weeks!
NEXT WEEK'S POST: you'll get your ticker and thread, and the challenge begins!
ONCE A WEEK: they'll be a general discussion post, hosted by us or by one of the members doing the challenge!
WRAP-UP POST: we'll celebrate how much watching we accomplished and hopefully cross a drama or two off our lists!

If you'd like to join us, leave a comment below! ALSO, if you're up for posting one of the weekly discussion posts, let us know here!

Thanks to all the people who participated last time and made this project a great time! We'd be happy again to have anyone looking to finish a drama (or ten XD) in the next six weeks join us! ♥ If you happen to have anywhere you might want to share this challenge, here's a little promo link thingy. :D (We don't currently have one for anything but lj, but you're welcome to let people know about this challenge anywhere. ♥)

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